2022 - 2023 Post Officers

We are proud to have multiple generations of veterans working together to honor the dead by serving the living.
  • Commander:  John Gray (USN-Vietnam)
  • Senior Vice Commander:  Bryan Aubin, PPC 1943 (USMC-Somalia)
  • Junior Vice Commander:  Frank Plexico (USN (Ret)-Vietnam)
  • Quartermaster:  Bob Smith (USN (Ret)-Vietnam)
  • Adjutant:  Craig Adyran (USN-Vietnam)
  • Chaplain: Gene Campagna (USA-Vietnam)
  • 1 Year Trustee: Fred Coglizer (Afghanistan)
  • 2 Year Trustee: Jerome Baker (ODS)
  • 3 Year Trustee: Daniel Gilman
  • Judge Advocate: Ken Thornton (USA-Vietnam)
  • Legislative Officer: Ken Thornton (USA-Vietnam)
  • Surgeon:  Ted Sexauer (USA-Vietnam)
  • Post Service Officer:  Ted Sexauer (USA-Vietnam)  
  • Lounge Manager: Ken Thornton (USA-Vietnam)

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