Why you should join our post: camaraderie, support, networking, veterans advocacy, and service.

When veterans of the Spanish-American War returned home in 1899, there was no medical care or veteran’s pension. The wounded and sick and their struggling families were left to fend for themselves. A visionary band of veterans formed what would later become the Veterans of Foreign Wars. VFW exists to protect and defend those who have sacrificed so much for this nation. You’ve earned that.

VFW Post 1943 carries on this tradition by planning for the future and being open minded to new ideas. All too often, organizations fail to reach the next generation simply because they fail to reapply themselves. Our leadership structure is made up entirely of Iraq/Afghanistan vets and all of our veterans work together to honor the dead by serving the living.

Annual dues are $45, and a sliding scale based on age is applicable for those interested in becoming a life member. Payment programs are available.

Should you have any questions concerning eligibility, visit or email us at

To speak with a local Post representative, call 707-509-3609.

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